Happy Birthday Bird!!!!!!

Can yall believe the Bird is gonna be 4???? That means not a baby anymore! It's funny, because it seems like she was just this....
And now she is a little more like this!

She's still kind of the same though...I remember very well when she was about...I guess 3 months old I was holding her and Dad was doing something goofy and she looked at me and rolled her eyes!!!! :P It was great. I should prolly mention some things about her, as it IS the babyhood graduation....

  • She responds amazingly to physical touch. It's her little love language. And if she's trying to sleep and you go hold her hand or snuggle she will be out within 5 minutes :)
  • She is a lot like me on her annoying side. She tells it like it is (or is not) and has little emotional spells. She's pretty possessive, but I think that will graduate to "protective" as she gets a little older :)
  • She's hard to buy for. She doesn't play with dollies like Lane and I used to. She likes to carry "That One" around and have baby doll things, but they just aren't ALL THAT like they were to us early Tagg girls.
  • She likes pretty much all food, but she only picks around at it for two days straight, then eats a crazy amount on the third day, repeat :)
  • She was determined to have "Kitty-Cat cupcakes" (the hello kitty ones at Sams) for her birthday.
  • She loves to have braids in her hair
  • She likes to talk. A lot.
  • She is really smart. I'm hoping she'll write one day!
  • She can look cute and sweet eve while she's throwing a fit
  • She likes painted toes and her makeup set :)