The Wonder and Glory of Airsoft

Hey my beloved folks!
Remember when Meggy used to fence in CO? Remember how much she loooooooved it and had such an awesome time doing it every week? Yes. And then it was gone, left in the blustery lands of Denver when Arkanesian southerness beckoned. Heartbreak, sadness, etc.

BUT guess what sprung up instead?
Yes indeed! What is airsoft, you may ask? Simply put, it is camoflauging yourself as much as possible, loading up tons of gear in the car, driving outside city limits (being late most of the time), meeting up with some friends, and shooting each other with plastic BB shooting guns. Oh yes--does life get any better? Airsofting is all the rage in AR. It is beginning to fill the void that fencing left! :D
This is the gun I got for my birthday...

Yes indeed. Beautimous. Actually it hasn't come in yet, but I'm borrowing the same model from the guy at BattleZone Tactical, the airsoft place in Fort Chaffee. Wooooot!

And guess what's even more awesome? Dad is starting up an airsoft ministry so YOU can come play too :D Check it out at!