"Yeah, we just thought we'd get together and graduate...it's just something we do"

The title is a quote from Beraseth (it's her name backwardish, those of you that know her say it out loud and work it out verbally who it is :P), isn't it lovely? BELIEVERS is having their biggest class of all time, and I'm proud to be graduating with this set of the most beautiful people God has made. Oh don't believe that they are? Well, check THIS out...

All us gals...Chyn, Kris, Manah Hahan, Beraseth, Britter, Emy and me

10! :D

And the guyz...Ethanator, Skeeter, Lukey, Cabe, Landypants, Teej, Micah, Mimi, 3ring, and Jake

All of us! Count us...17! :D

The epic jump :)

Me and my Emy

The tornado kick. Daddy and the Mighty Wordsmith had a little fun afterward with shots like these, and this one turned out just COOL.

So you see? Flat-out GOOD LOOKIN peoples huh? No, I'm sorry, I'm not giving out numbers for anyone. There are a zillion more pics of this shoot and I can't pick my favorites even! If anyone is interested in seeing pics of us as little childrens and taking pics of us in dorky hats looking great, come watch the ceremony! :D