Not feeling great today...

So I decided to post on here :) Let's see...what have I been doing...

Had a fantastico time with my R family this weekend! We moved furniture from the farm, played with some fellow clowns, fun stuff such as that. On Sunday nights Efum and I have "date night" :) We go to church with the R parents, Caesar and Lane, then we usually go to Marketplace to eat. It's super fun, I can't imagine what fun an ACTUAL date would be without other people :) Not dating casually gives one a LOT more to look forward to in marriage. Anyway, this time we went to El Chico in the mall with Lukey in tow. The mall was closed by the time we got done and the security guard said we couldn't walk around. Can you imagine what kind of job it would be to just walk around an EMPTY mall when it was closed and MAYBE meet some kids who happened to be there that you could kick out? Terribly boring I'd say.

I've been drivin around by myself. Cool stuff. Makes me feel like a grown up or something :P

I made a pillowcase dress for the Bird! I felt sooooooooo like Mrs. Tracy or something! :D

I made a top for Lou out of the other pillowcase, but there's no picture :)

So there was an attempt at an actual post ;) What yall think?