First Day of School!

Like, in my whole life. Seeing as we never had a Summer break from school while I was homeschooling, this was my first first day of level. UAFS baby. The day started off purty good--before I left the house that is. Once I got there I circled around a zillion different parking lots for literally 20 minutes (at least). I finally found something, so we can all praise the good LORD that I'm not STILL out there driving around with ear steam fogging up my windshield. But, I was already late. So I call my mom that I found a parking place and whine for a bit, getting madder by the second. By the time I called...

this handsome fella, I was screaming mad and had no clue where I was (since I had parked approximately 19 miles away from school). But luckily for this mess of a princess, the knight was nearby to find me and dash to the rescue, accompanied by his trusty sense of direction! I stopped by bawling and he showed me that I was in the same state as the college after all, then went riding off into the sunset (AKA math class).

All good right? Not quite. When I actually got into a building I realized....I was wearing my prescription sunglasses and had left my real glasses in my car back in Mississippi! Great. So I spent that class time either blind as a bat, or in a dark room when I had to read the slides up on the wall. Oh boy. The teacher from that class made us all take as much toilet paper as we would need for a three day camping trip and then tell something about ourselves for each square we pulled. I still have it cuz we didn't get to my turn, but I did learn someone very useful to stay away from based off the information they gave...yikes.

Then I get out and ok, I need my real glasses for serious. So, knight in shining armor comes dashing in once again to show me where I parked my car while I looked about and hoped I could remember in a couple hours.

Then off to drawing class. Purty fun! But there are no chairs, so it was kinda awkward. But I did meet two girls who shared my major and had some of the same classes as me. Both freshman. One I met and kinda hooked up with at student orientation and she's real sweet, and the other seems nice too.

Then I went and found my car (yes, for real), got nice and lost, then went home. I think it's just mandatory that I take a scenic, roundabout way and then go home, since I find a different route every time. Oh well.

I got some homework done when I got home, and got all ready for my first second day of school. Which is...tomorrow. Must go to bed! Byebye now!