My Favorite Day of the Week!

Ah, how I love Sunday! Saturdays are fun, but Sunday is just the best. The LORD likes it too :)
We start the day getting up and getting dressed for church. I like this because I actually enjoy the church clothes I own this summer. Lots of colors to mix and match. We load up the instruments and head to Fellowship Bible Church for worship practice. Everyone soon starts showing up and there is an always excellent service. We head home for lunch with our R boys and spend the rest of the day just hanging out. Maybe playing frisbee golf, maybe watching sports, maybe writing a book, just resting and relaxing and thinking. Then around 5ish, our R parents swing by and grab Lane and I to go to First Baptist Church for the evening service. Always a wonderful service, with a great message. Bro. Dale is such an amazing teacher. When that's done we all head over to Marketplace for our "Sunday night date" :) This is also the time when Mom and Dad are having their Sunday night date at home. This is always a great time, especially when the admirable employee Typo L comes to be our server! We yammer and eat and generally have a lovely time... how about some pics?

Me and my Honey

The Lane and Caesar side of the table

Pretty laugh

A smile and a chicken...thing.


And now, ladies and gents, shower I must. We did the Legs and Back program on P90X with Ab Ripper X. PAIN AND SWEAT!
Farethewell! Comment! Do not grow weary in doing good! Have an excellent Monday!