Sitting in class at a huge Mac waiting for Mr. Sir to get here.

Yup, that's what's up. Digital Imaging class and then 2D Design later! My funnest classes, though they go really long. I've nothing really to has been great, homework has been fun, my professors are all crazy. Yesterday I was emotionally out-of-wack and really tired so God said, "Aw, Meg it's not the end of the world. Know why? It's free ice cream day at school!" YAY!!!! And then I was happy. God really knows when to pull out that ice cream huh? 

Um...oh, guess what happened last night? I was fooling around with my homework trying to make it all extra artsy looking and THAT apparently altered the space-time continuum and make all the clocks go suddenly to 11:00pm! So, that's what happened last night if you're wondering why it suddenly flicked from 9 to 11. Well, 3 minutes till class is supposed to start. I'd better post up and get ready to see Mr. Dr Seuss-tee-shirt-with-a-sports-coat-over-it-with-jeans-and-cons. That's what Mr. Sir likes to wear :)