Over half a year!

On December 13th, I will have been with my Honey for 8 months. Not sure how to describe those months...Amazing? Wonderful? Beautiful? Tough? Interesting? I think all of them. In honor of this most momentous occaision, I decided to post a list of some of the things I've learned over these past 8 months or so.

  • Having someone that does not mind when you sit and cry for no reason is something that everyone should have. I happen to have it in my guy :)

  • My way of thinking is the exact opposite of his way of thinking.

  • Sometimes it's best to just say "I'm sorry, I love you baby" even if it was not my fault and I have nothing to be sorry for.

  • Tea covers over a multitude of sins.

  • Snacks half an hour after dinner should not be viewed as uncommon.

  • When he's tired, he rubs his eyes and gets REALLY cranky just like a little baby :)

  • When he's snappy cuz he's tired, don't take it personally--he won't remember it in the morning.

  • Being called sweetie names isn't so gross after all.

  • All it takes it one little sentence of his to make me go, "Whoa. That's what you were trying to say LORD. I get it."

  • Don't touch the car door handle.

And that's just a tiny bit of the practical sort of things :)