Oh what a wonderful Christmas!!!!

First was the trip to Texas to see the Grandparents! :D Lots of cooking, and eating, and paper flying, and hugging, and all those things that make people happy! A short, but fun weekend! Here's some pics...

My new watch from Grandmother! (and the only present I have a handy picture of)

Bunch of kids and presents from awesome family
Grandma Vivian and Gram

Then came Lane and my trip to Branson with the Rs and the Fs!!! We went to Silver Dollar City (!!!) the first day and shopped around at the outlets the second day before heading home. It was SOOOOOOOO much fun, especially since we'd never been there before. I'm not even gonna try to tell you about it all, so here's some pics!

Efum and Hoss goofing around...this is the mild picture ;)

Caesar in the giant rocking chair in SDC

Me and Efum and a marshmellow yum thingy we got :)

These guys were in our hotel! It was all castley :)

Lane in the giant chair

Well, these pics are being a pain, so that's all I'll post :) But on to actual Christmas day...it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I got one of those sole-skates to take to school :) I'll def have to practice with it. Also I got CHAPSTICK!!!!!! :) And velveeta!!!!! And a yum cinnabon candle!!!!! And a silver bracelet!!!!! And this...

from my honey man :) so pretty.

And here's some vids showing some other fun stuff that happened in Tagg land...

Cup and Ball Tournament

Wheels! :D

Well, so basically in a nutshell, that was our Christmas :) Took me forever to find those vids, so I think I'm gonna go now and name all my videos what they actually are :P Bye people!