Me today...

Feeling...physically not great, but will be better tomorrow.

Praying...for my little Jbaby who has surgery tomorrow to get his tonsils and adenoids outta there.

Praying too...for my Geneva.

Praying also...for my mom.

Task just completed: chocolate chip cookies that were supposed to be raisin and now confuse me.

Task about to be done: Bible time!

Task not done (on purpose): English homework! BECAUSE I DID NOT HAVE TO!!!!!!!!!! :D

Thinking about...calling my BUD.

Thankful in the universe.

Thinking also about...Valentine's Day.

Wishing BUD did not hafta work on said Valentine's Day.

Reading...Hyperbole and a Half :D

Looking at...Pics from my big sissy.

Dreading...Art History test because I have no clue what to expect.

Happy was out today and will be tomorrow also.

Sadder because...I miss my BUD.


Gonna buy...the new RED album, a present for my Jbaby, Glycerin and essential oils.
And also Fancy the half clown.
The end! :)