Happy first day of SUMMER!

What is Summer for you?

For me, Summer is...

1. Crafting!

Anybody else that agrees should check out this great giveaway! I want one of these things!!!

Painted this family crest for Papa R's father's day present. Amateur, but he loved it and my sweet guy says I should go into business :) He makes me smile.

2. Cooking!

Made these for memorial day! Yellow cupcakes cut in half with a brownie in the middle. Throw some white and yellow frosting inside for mustard and mayonnaise, coat the tops lightly with sugar water and sprinkle crushed oats on the tops. So funny and SO YUMMY!

3. Siblings!

So much fun to watch swimming, get snowcones, play bionicles, or in this case go to best buy at test some Bose headphones :) All that fun stuff I can't do very much while I'm in school!

4. VBS!

We already had one VBS at Immanuel Baptist Church and it was a BLAST! I did music. Love these kiddies!!! I'm trying to post a video, but blogger is technical difficulty-ing me...ARG! One more VBS to go, at Fellowship Bible Church! Bring your kids, it will be a blast!

5. Man time!

Having spare time to spend with my Ethan is an awesome Summer thing! We like to go shopping, and walking, and cooking, and writing, and sword training, and talking, and eating, and date nights, and the list goes on!

So that's a taste of Summer for me. Anybody care to post on Summer for you? I'd love to see!