If ya gots one, if ya expectin one, or if ya wants one...

Behold! I was checking out my friend Brittney's blog, and stole this list that she stole apparently from somewhere on the Internet :) I thought it inspirational in my attempts at wifely preparation for the future.

BUT before I get into that, I must state an interesting thing that the LORD has showed me recently. You know those times when you are a tad off in your spiritual walk, and you need to jerk yourself back, get right with Him, and ask Him for His guiding hand? In those off-kilter times, I am also off-kilter in my relationship with my man.


God gave my the love that I have in my heart for Efum. When I am not loving my heavenly God like I should, how can I expect to be able to love my earthly man like I should?

Just a thought in the middle of a post that wasn't supposed to be about that. Just another reason that I shall never be a popular blogger.

ANYWAY. The list...

Eighteen Ways to be a Blessing to your Husband

1. Ask your Husband, "What are your goals for this week?"
2. Ask your Husband, "How can I help you accomplish your goals?"
3. Ask, "Is there anything that I can do to make it easier for you?"
4. Be organized with your housekeeping. Then your husband will be free to do his work.
5. Save energy for him everyday.
6. Put him first over children, parents, friends, jobs, ladies Bible studies, etc.
7. Willingly and cheerfully rearrange your schedule for him when necessary.
8. Talk to him in a positive light to others. Don't slander him at all, even if what you are saying is true.
9. Do whatever you can to help him succeed and accomplish his goals (Ex: run errands for him, pray for him, organize your day to be available to help him w/projects).
10. Consider his work (job, goals, hobbies, etc.) as more important than your own.
11. Think of specific ways that you can help his accomplish his goals (Ex: keep careful record of money spent in budget, take care in recording telephone messages, etc).
12. Consider things that you are involved in. How do they bless your husband? Ask him.
13. Be warm and gracious towards his family.
14. Do and say things that build him up.
15. Dress and apply your makeup in an attractive manner that is pleasing to your husband.
16. When your husband sins, reprove him gently, always give him hope and pointing him to the Lord.
17. Encourage him to use his spiritual gifts.
18. Submit to your husband's leading.

This gives me some ideas for new goals for this new week! Also, these steps would be fun to make prayer cards with--finding corresponding verses and fun stuff like that. Maybe it should be a project, cuz I like projects. Speaking of, check out this give-away by my big sis Bekah! She made a set of prayer cards that are cool beans and they could be all yours! Or all mine! Or somebody else's! Get in on it, hurry up!

I should blog more, because I never think I have anything to blog about until I actually get down to it--then suddenly there's a lot! :P But for now, I will leave you all with a picture of a couple of my favoritest fellas.

Aren't they delicious?