Jane Eyre

"Everything seems unreal...you sir, are the most phantomlike of all."

I read it on a treadmill early into high school. We have the most beautiful, out of print green and gold copy that I am absolutely in love with. It is probably my favorite story. I had never watched a single one of the numerous film adaptations for fear it would ruin my imagination of the characters and the story. That was of course until I saw the trailer for Jane Eyre, the 2011 edition. Yikes! I knew right away that this would be the one. Focus Features hated me enough to release the film only to a limited number of theaters (really? Fort Smith Malco didn't get included???), but I counted down the days until it finally came out on video. After a desperate search across town for an available DVD rental facility, we downloaded it from iTunes, broke out the tea and cakes and hooked up the computer to the TV.

And it was a good movie.

The End.

Ok, I’ll actually review a little. Michael Fassbender embodied Mr. Rochester STUNNINGLY. It transfixed me quite. Alice from Wonderland Mia Wasikowska made a pretty cool Jane too. If you know the story you would no there is no way of making it exactly kid friendly, but it is clean--no cussin’. There is kissin’ and a Pride and Prejudicey nude painting to look at though. The soundtrack was pretty lovely, also Pride and Prejudicey but less memorable. The worst of the movie was the violence I suppose...there are a couple of smacks and fist scuffles, girls get struck at a bad school, and there's one scene with a bit of blood involved. But hey, it's not the Gladiator. This is definitely one that I'm gonna own in the near future. I shall leave you with a lovely preview that will make you want to watch it too :)