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How are my lovely followers? Check me out, actually posting DURING THE SCHOOL SEMESTER!!! *collective gasp* I feel bloggy, even tho I'm a bit behind in psychology...which is NOT as fun as I had anticipated. Anyway, what's up with me you ask?

Had a wonderfulawesomeblessed Saturday! I graduated to a green belt in TKD, testing is always fun stuff. Grandparents and GG have been visiting and came
to watch too! After we got home I pulled out the ol' sewing machine and sewed Honey's Instructor-in-training stripe along his gi collar and hemmed up his pants. He looks so handsome and I'm so proud he got that stripe. He gets to teach our TKD class while Mr. T is away and he is so excited (and I am too) :D. After my mad sewing skillz I grabbed my shopping buddy (Lou) and my chauffeur (Efum) and headed out to do some erranding. We made a SAVERS drop-off and Honey found an awesome shirt. Stopped at Sally's and I bought me some GiGi "Sugar Bare" wax. I did not have lovely luck with my last home wax can, as I utterly despise wax that is messy and doesn't ever come off OR bring offending hair off with it. But I tried this new stuff tonight and it works wonderful! It's water soluble so if you spill the wax all over you (which I always do) you can just rinse and restart. Ah-maze-in. Didn't know the Lord had created such cool stuff. Anyhoo, we went to Academy and Honey got some cool shoes to replace his holey ugly old ones. Sweetness! He then treated us two girls to Starbucks before we headed home (what a guy huh?!). However, my decidedly UNsalted caramel mocha frappe was yummy enough, but could have been made much better at home I think. We shall spare further detail, but suffice it to say that our "Reasons to go to Sweetbay instead of Starbucks" list got a lot longer :) Ended out the day watching BOLT with the fam over psychology homework. I am so thankful to have a sharp n smart honeyman to explain textbooks in english for me! He even drew me up some little illustrative doodles (now ur speaking muh language buddy boy! :P)!
This is him btw. Mhm :D

Moving past this day: I completed the James Challenge from wonderful church camp (I think, though I didn't keep very good track of what week was which). Love the book of James! Here's a lil snippet for thought: "Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need" James 4:16. Mmmmm-mmm!

How's school for people? My school is quite busy busy and pretty challenging, but fun. Life's most surely different being IN the graphic design program...we're not a freshman anymore! It feels funny to peek into the freshman class and see their sceered looks and not actually be feeling it anymore. More and more competition every day, though I am qu

ite friendly with and very much enjoy my Graphic Design classmates (like all the same 12 people :P).
Currently praying for my favorite teacher, who no longer works for UAFS and is quite gone away. I took a class from him both semesters of my freshman year and his quirky unexpectedness was the only certain thing on campus that year. No professor yet has ever seen so much in me that I didn't know I had, and believed in me and my work to where he'd bet his life on it. The analogy I think of is teaching someone to use a sword, then putting an apple on your head and fully trusting your student to thwack it (the apple, not your head) clean off with a razor sharp blade. He praised the work in just the right way, was always super laid back, and (when he had to) tore me down with my own talent. I miss him and he could stand some prayers as a human being even though I'm not for sure what's going on.

A few other things:
  • I worked and consigned at the growing kids sale! So much fun and my earnings came back ok :)
  • SAVERs 50% day that happened recently was healthy for my wardrobe! Then my sweet mumsy bought me more cool garage sale findings as a surprise...Aeropastale! My favorite! <3
  • I have a really cute Zeke. Have you a really cute Zeke? You should.
  • I am a thankful and contented lil girly! I mean, read my post, ain't you jealous of me? ;)
  • Recent quote by mom, who found Caesar at our door one night: "Look what I found, it's a Marc in the dark. We will take him home. We will call him Clark." To those of you who do not recognize this as an amazing Dr. Seuss quote, I apologize but you're just not cool. These are the jokes people.
I can think of naught else to say, so I am off to fool around with my blog template...maybe :)