A bit of design...

So I thought I'd compile some fun stuff I've been working on this last little bit in school. I've got a fantastic gang of classy people who can keep competition hefty, but are always there to help out and give advice and bring food :D I am so fortunate to have such an awesome class. My teachers also happen to be the best of the best. They push me to things I didn't know I could do and give of their time (in and out of school) to teach us great design. Without further ado, here's some stuff.

Graphic Design. Clean. Adobe Illustrator

Graphic Design. Quadrants, Playful. Photoshop

Graphic Design. Alphabet Postcard. Photoshop

Graphic Design.

Digital Illustration. Hand illustrated Caterpillar with Adobe Illustrator.

Digital Illustration. Ballet Tee Shirt Design. Adobe Illustrator. The local dance company selected this design as their company shirt. Waiting to meet with them to talk about revisions :)

Digital Illustration. Self-Portrait Playing card. Adobe Illustrator.

Advanced Type. Form & Counterform. Adobe Illustrator with Baskerville and Gill Sans.