A random post

What's up with me these days? Hmmmmm...

Well first off, you should probably go see this movie. This particular love story I didn't fancy so well (but my bestie thinks it's sock-em'-bopper) and there are some elements I found sorta dumb, but the message is good :) It's not Facing the Giants or Fireproof, but it's nice to be able to go see a movie that is uplifting in more than just a feel goody sort of way. And my BUD will tell you I cried. This is only half true.

Where there's a do, there's a don't. Don't go see the Lorax. It's not a REAL Dr. Seuss movie. Don't waste your time unless you just wanna go see a random cartoon. Then you can go see the Lorax.

Been working on designing case statement and now a big huge project for the local food banks in our area. A lot of work, but still exciting. Ready to be done with this semester...5 weeks left! Or is it 6? Tell me not.

Went to a fantabulous concert over spring break and saw Kiros, Nine Lashes, Manafest, TFK and Red! Nine Lashes was the big thing for me, cuz I'd never seen them live before and Red was great, but not as good as when I'd seen them in the past. We have pics, so go look on Facebook.

Not last and not least either, MOVING HOUSE. Packing boxes and such like that. We're moving into a rent house next month, and I'm really happy it's in town.
ANNNNNNNNNND I just got really Pinterest and history paper distracted, forgot about this post, just found it again, and now it's time to go to sleep. Like a boss. Go me ;P

Oh, and the boys are back in soccer. Looking forward to some games!
Bye now.