Summer's sumthin else!

May's almost over already! Being off school is cool stuff...I've had time to do more craftyish things, reading, cooking, etc. I have some design work to do over the Summer but I'm pushing it off :P Without further ado, pics of what I've been up to:

 Headband and matching card for a girlfriend. Find the pattern here!

 Summer means VBS and VBS means clowning! Funfun. Got a few gigs in the near future, plus leading worship time at our VBS as a human being! And this guy I met is really cool. He throws bread and stuff.

30% off sale at SAVERS!!!! Check out my goodies, for $22! Yay!

Yes, those are TOMS!!! I ordered size 7s, "new" off eBay, from "a United States seller" for $20. I figured they must be defective in some way. Soon after, I received a size 8 pair with the soles not glued down and arch padding on only the right shoe...from China. 
They fit good enough for me to keep them, I glued the soles down and I'm still debating the left arch thing...I think one of those makeup sponges will do the job. Either way, I have toms and I'm happy about it! :)
See the colorful hair people? I won't do a million colors at a time like that, but looking forward to trying out some highlights! Got that box of bleach and 3 different colors for around $7 at Walmart yesterday.

Tried some new hair thing today. Kinda hard to see from the pics, but you get the idea right?


Today's agenda: Take the girlies out to see Mirror Mirror :D and maybe start coding a website :|. 
Bye now!