Cool creations

Summer is the time for craftiness and doing stuff! Here's some of what I've been doing...

 For a sweet manicure, cut out cool clips of magazines (to the actual shape of your nail is best, but I didn't figure that out till AFTER pics)...

I wanted those awesome typographic nails as you can see.

 Paint a clear layer onto your nails and once it's tacky, press the clipping onto your nail. Trim any access.

 Not perfect, but fun!

 Super secret peach lemonade that my guy taught me! YUM.

 Awesome french braid tuck on my sissy.

 Reversible apron for a friend getting married :) Find the pattern here.

This side has pockets too, but you can't really see. This was a fun project!

Now I'm off to try...
These little beauties! I feel so behind...never made a cake pop.

Until today my friends. Until today.