December means winter break, CHRISTMAS, and in our case, travel!! Here's a rundown of our latest activities with pictures! Yay!

We had a FABULOUS Arkansas snowstorm :) Many were without power, but we are blessed with underground power lines and a good heater/fireplace. We had such a good time, we love the snow!

Giant icicle! 

 My Christmas manicure! For those of you who don't know, I sell Jamberry Nail wraps, so buy some :)

 We went to Branson for a couple of days to enjoy the Christmas fun at Silver Dollar City! We love doing this (even though it rained!!).

Ethan bought me a Scar tee shirt because he LOVED it. I do too :P

And I found these pink ombre jeans at Savers for el cheapo! Thrifty love. 

 CHRISTMAS!! My guy getting call of duty :)

Striped Christmas thigh-highs <3 

The day after Christmas we headed off to Kentucky for John Piper's CROSS Mission Conference! It was an amazing few days full of worship and great speakers. My favorite part was meeting other mission-minded college students from all over the world, it was so encouraging and a unique opportunity! We have lots of notes and took home a ton of great info.

 Look at our book haul! 

As far as January goes, I have the normal working-out, house-organizing, Bible-studying style goals that everybody else has. But I also want to be better with money this year! I've got some plans on how to save some money and be more responsible for 2014 (and in case y'all didn't know, some of those "freebie" things you sign up for aren't always free. Grrrr).

In another news, I'm cutting my hair short again soon.