Diaper Motorcycle!

My sweet friend LaTasha is expecting a (no doubt) ADORABLE baby boy soon! That means baby shower time of course!!! I love baby showers…all the cute little clothes, the cupcakes, the chit-chat…and apparently popular belief is that baby shower games are dumb, but I like them too and I'm PROUD of it dangit! My new baby shower favorite is the diaper motorcycle, found on www.sweetaprils.com. I've made it on several occasions now and they all look different and SOOOO much fun. So this time I decided to post my version.

 Arrange diapers in this spiral form using a round 8" cake pan as a guide. Secure it with a rubberband. Make 2 of these to be the wheels!

 Cover up those rubberbands with thick ribbon of your choice. I used this fabulous stuff that LaTasha had leftover from another shower and used tape to stick it on. I love recycling don't you? :P

Now you have this. 

Roll a receiving blanket into a tube and put it through the "hole" in the middle of the front wheel... 

 …and through the back wheel. This holds your wheels together. Just stuff any unruly blanket ends into the hole if needed as shown.

Now roll up ANOTHER receiving blanket and stick it through the front hole again. 

Place a cute bib over each wheel. (Oops. I forgot this step and had to redo, which is why bibs don't show up in the next couple of pictures…)

Pull your blanket up over the top of the wheel and tie it with a pretty ribbon to make the handlebars! You can include a bottle between the wheel and the ribbon as the "light", but I didn't have one and my blanket wasn't big enough anyway.

 Throw some baby socks or mittens on the end of those handlebars. 

Annnnnnd you're done!!! See? Pretty easy!!

I will be getting a monkey to put on this bike, but for now my Lancelot bear is modeling.

Here's another one I've made.

And another.

Hope you enjoyed this here tutorial, now go make one for a baby shower and add your own embellishments! As for me, my hubby is fixing to make nachos, so I'm outta here.