"Kinda getting hungry, when's dinn--GOSH where is my cat, I LOVE HER!!!"

The title is a quote from today by my dear husband. Thought I'd throw that out there.
Tomorrow SCHOOL STARTS. Yikes. I don't know if I'm ready. It will be crazy, that I do know. I may not blog…I don't know that one. My hubby has not as many school hours as me, and he tells me he will take the brunt of the cooking and even made me teach him how to do the laundry! What a love, right?
I will now catch you up on my crafting of this past week you don't already know about. A few days ago I completely threw away most of organized my craft closet and found some fabulous red and gold tulle pompoms that some friends had made for my bachelorette party like a year and a half ago. It seemed a horrible waste to throw them out, but I told myself I was being a hoarder and sadly put them in a trash bag. I finished the closet job (yay!) but was still trying to think of a way to use my pompoms before I actually took the trash out (hey now. I'm a creative AND a junkster, trash disposal is not usually high on my to-do list :P). THEN found a wire wreath frame I'd bought a while back! Whoohoo! The hubs helped me pull them all apart and I just tied it to the frame. I tied a previously bought and painted hobby lobby letter in the middle and I LOVE the results!!

I also wrapped some dollar store valentine wire around the whole thing, to add to the valentine-ness.

Next up, I've always liked those recycled magazine photo frames, but would never actually BUY one…ahem folks, recycle your own! :) I had a wide frame that was junky and kind of broken, but hey what a perfect opportunity!! Turns out rolled up and mod podged magazine scraps cover a multitude of sins.

I threw an old photo in as a placeholder, but a new frame calls for a new photo!
What do y'all think about this one?

Aaaaaawwwwwwwe! :)