My semi-organized life

Work and school are BACK…full steam ahead! Usually I am pretty good about keeping due dates and assignments straight in my head, but I am taking one more class than usual and I guess it put my brain on overload…I couldn't keep track of ANYTHING for the first couple of days. So I went to the school bookstore to look for a little calendar planner. They were all ugly. Target to the rescue…I found my new lifesaver/favorite toy!

 There were cheaper ones, but if I'm gonna have this for a whole year I might as well have the most beautiful one I can find.

Look how leetle and cyuuuuute!

And it has little tabs!! There were also some adorable ones that were big, but that just seemed like way too much organization…talk about intimidating. Baby steps people.
Here's a little tidbit from INSIDE my calendar…ZUMBA class at school tonight! So excited. I go with a couple of girlfriends and it's so much more fun to go to the gym with buddies, I get so bored alone. BUT it's double fun when you're Zumba-ing (or as June calls it, "dancing manically until you die")!

 In other news, this Starbuck tumbler is my current favorite cup. You won't see me without it for awhile. The top is shiny, see :)