Super Scrub

So I wanted some party favors…yes, more baby shower stuff haha. So I decided to make my grandma's famous hand scrub! I've tried a lot of homemade hand scrubs off interest and such, but never really found one I loved. But then grandma made some of this stuff and it makes your hands feel super soft like a baby's butt…and NOT oily like the ones I had tried. Grandma told me how to make it, but I never made the stuff--until today.

What you need:
~Epsom Salts
~Scented Epsom Salts (now these are in a different place than the other ones. I got Spearmint Eucalyptus by the shower gel in Walmart)
~Oil (Olive oil doesn't tend to work as well)
~Body Wash (pick whatever color you want your scrub to be, in a scent that won't smell horrible with the smell of your epsom salts. It doesn't matter a whole lot cuz you'll barely smell your body wash. But still.)
~A couple drops essential oil of your choice (optional)

Put in your epsom salt and scented salt in a ratio of 2:1 or so. Just eyeball it to however much you think you want to make.

Pour in a "sploop" of your vegetable oil. Start with a small amount.

Followed by a roughly equal sploop of body wash.


Mix it all up! If you started small like a good little person your mixture should be crumbly. We don't want crumbly, so add more tiny sploops of the oil and body wash until your mixture is super fluffy. If it's too wet add a little more salts, but fluffily cloudlike is what we're going for. Like fairy poop.

Put in in the container of your choice, but leave a little space at the top as shown. The stuff likes to expand at times. 

Decorate however you wish! These make awesome little gifts huh? They make good medium-sized gifts too, allz you need is a bigger jar! :) So go make some and let me know how you like Grandma's favorite hand scrub!