This post absolutely does not mean I will start blogging again.

Wow, look I haven't blogged since I was engaged! Annnnd nothing on blogger has changed except it took a really long time to convince them that no, I really DON'T want a Google+ account. Please and thank you.

I've been randomly thinking lately about posting again. I work on my DIYs and go, "hey, wouldn't it be cool if I, I don't know…uploaded these photos to a blog? Haha, yeah". But oh the time!!! 
I spend a lot of time doing THINGS (not just Pinterest y'all) but most of my time gets divided into short chunks of doing different things as opposed to sitting down and doing one thing.

Maybe that's why I stink at jigsaw puzzles and card games.

But blogging! Oh, that is a terrible short-chunk-of-time-activity for me (maybe I can start getting good at doing it on my phone between classes). But I had been mulling it over halfheartedly, then of course Kacy Lou says to blog…how can I refuse, she's in CA!!!! 

So we'll see.