I haz the busy

Boy am I hoping the weather guys are right about the snow for this next week! I need a couple of days to stay home and catch up on all this homework or my head could very well explode. Saturdays make me happy because I can (kinda) sleep in and then get everything from the past week all sorted out! I don't like to do this on Sundays so well because Ethan doesn't work and we like to spend time together :) I am so happy for him though…he just has 2 classes (that he loves), and a job (that he loves), and a list of jobs (that he would love even more) to apply for closer to graduation! Yay yay. Anyway, so far today I have completed almost all of my US Lit homework and plan to have both of Monday's tests all studied for and a rhetoric paper started. It is a little frustrating that my gen ed classes are taking up so much time when I have giant design classes and work to do also. Can you tell this post is just a giant brain dump? :P When Ethan gets home tonight we will make a grocery run to stock up on snow food…however once it actually snows we will probably walk to walmart again anyway for no reason. We do that every time, I think its just because we like the snow and it's fun to take a walk and not drive. Hmm maybe we should walk tonight even though it's not snowing…wait how would we carry groceries back without wishing we had the car? I know! I need this bike. 

This need is nothing new though. Look, I could put things on the back AND the in basket! And it is a cruiser but has handle brakes! Besides, look how yellow it is :)
Ok, so this post was pointless, but putting some stuff out makes me feel like I have more of a handle on life, hahaha…who am I kidding :P We'll see how it goes.