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LOOK AT ME!!!! Actually writing a blog post...CRAZY! It's been forever. Everything is still coming together on here, be patient as this site morphs from my design portfolio site into something a little more useable for me at this stage in life :) Let's see what has happened since my last post 2 years ago...

  •  I graduated college!!! WHEEEEE!!!
  •  My bae pursued his chef career wildly (and deliciously!)
  •  Got a wisdom tooth pulled
  •  Did a little USA trekking
  •  Got a job as an artist at Weldon, WIlliams & Lick
  •  Became a foster sister to (off and on) 6 little munchkins who each changed me in their own adorable little way
  •  Went out of country for the first time on a cruise
  •  Started an Etsy shop that you should totally buy stuff from (link above)
  •  Got a turtle

And THAT pretty much catches you up on what's been going on the past couple of years! Do you FEEL caught up? You should.

THIS year, despite its youth has made up for it's shortness in craziness. I was SICK for pretty much all of January, and all the family was too...I think Ethan was the only one who escaped with only 2 days' worth of a scratchy voice. Also recently we found out E's dad has liver cancer and is facing a scary surgery in Dallas in the very near future, so keep him in your prayers...healthwise I am NOT impressed with 2016. As far as everything else goes, I'm still working at WW&L, and Ethan left the world of fine dining (for now) to work at Maggie House, a group foster home in Charleston (see the link on my sidebar). He is both a chef to lots of picky mouths that eat his food like it's going out of style, and a house parent to awesome teen boys...suddenly making me "house sister" to a bunch of boys that again, each change me. In fact they get to me enough that I put some hours in over there as well now :) It's really crazy to instantly love someone like your own family when you didn't know them last year, or last week, or yesterday. Working full-time in ministry has been awesome for E, though he still finds the time to work on his menus and practice fancy food skills--I don't think he'll ever NOT be a chef.  Oh, and some exciting new news that hasn't been spread around a lot yet...we are going through the process to become brand spanking new foster parents--like, in our own house, not just for work! :D I'm pretty stoked.

SO, why am I posting again. First of all it would be nice to actually use this site for something. Some of you may remember it as the website for my design stuff back when I was trying to get a job, though it looked a lot different then! I don't really need it for that sort of thing now, and this is a way better use for it. Secondly, I post this because I feel like I (weirdly) have stuff to say. Stuff that maybe is different than other people are saying at this stage. These days people don't expect a young 20-something to be married (though I think I'm just now old enough that I don't get surprised looks when I tell people I am, either that or I'm aging poorly :P). And if she IS married, for some reason it's weird that she doesn't have kids yet. And if she DOESN'T, for some reason it's weird that she'd want to be a mom to a kid that she didn't give birth to. The deal is, not a lot of people get it. Also I ren faire, cosplay, low-key heart Trump, and know not a lot about food but just enough to know more than most people...those are weird too, though maybe a different kind :P But I don't expect you to get it! And it's ok that you don't, everyone has their own special type of weird to keep up with! But personally I LIKE to peek into other people's weird lives, so maybe if I keep this up it will be some level of interesting to someone. BUT, like I said, I make no guarantees I will actually CONTINUE this whole blogging thing through all the coming kerfuffle...you'll have to check back to see :) But if I do I'm sure there will be some fun posts on foster life, artsing, crafting, cooking, anything funky I may be up to...SOMETHING will be interesting to all you other weirdos ;) And hey, while we're at it, if any of you who know me at any level think of something you'd like see a blog post about, comment your ideas below! Maybe y'all will give me some inspiration to keep this up :P

Till next time, eat good food and hug babies!