A random post

What's up with me these days? Hmmmmm...

Well first off, you should probably go see this movie. This particular love story I didn't fancy so well (but my bestie thinks it's sock-em'-bopper) and there are some elements I found sorta dumb, but the message is good :) It's not Facing the Giants or Fireproof, but it's nice to be able to go see a movie that is uplifting in more than just a feel goody sort of way. And my BUD will tell you I cried. This is only half true.

Where there's a do, there's a don't. Don't go see the Lorax. It's not a REAL Dr. Seuss movie. Don't waste your time unless you just wanna go see a random cartoon. Then you can go see the Lorax.

Been working on designing case statement and now a big huge project for the local food banks in our area. A lot of work, but still exciting. Ready to be done with this semester...5 weeks left! Or is it 6? Tell me not.

Went to a fantabulous concert over spring break and saw Kiros, Nine Lashes, Manafest, TFK and Red! Nine Lashes was the big thing for me, cuz I'd never seen them live before and Red was great, but not as good as when I'd seen them in the past. We have pics, so go look on Facebook.

Not last and not least either, MOVING HOUSE. Packing boxes and such like that. We're moving into a rent house next month, and I'm really happy it's in town.
ANNNNNNNNNND I just got really Pinterest and history paper distracted, forgot about this post, just found it again, and now it's time to go to sleep. Like a boss. Go me ;P

Oh, and the boys are back in soccer. Looking forward to some games!
Bye now.

Currently me

How are my lovely followers? Check me out, actually posting DURING THE SCHOOL SEMESTER!!! *collective gasp* I feel bloggy, even tho I'm a bit behind in psychology...which is NOT as fun as I had anticipated. Anyway, what's up with me you ask?

Had a wonderfulawesomeblessed Saturday! I graduated to a green belt in TKD, testing is always fun stuff. Grandparents and GG have been visiting and came
to watch too! After we got home I pulled out the ol' sewing machine and sewed Honey's Instructor-in-training stripe along his gi collar and hemmed up his pants. He looks so handsome and I'm so proud he got that stripe. He gets to teach our TKD class while Mr. T is away and he is so excited (and I am too) :D. After my mad sewing skillz I grabbed my shopping buddy (Lou) and my chauffeur (Efum) and headed out to do some erranding. We made a SAVERS drop-off and Honey found an awesome shirt. Stopped at Sally's and I bought me some GiGi "Sugar Bare" wax. I did not have lovely luck with my last home wax can, as I utterly despise wax that is messy and doesn't ever come off OR bring offending hair off with it. But I tried this new stuff tonight and it works wonderful! It's water soluble so if you spill the wax all over you (which I always do) you can just rinse and restart. Ah-maze-in. Didn't know the Lord had created such cool stuff. Anyhoo, we went to Academy and Honey got some cool shoes to replace his holey ugly old ones. Sweetness! He then treated us two girls to Starbucks before we headed home (what a guy huh?!). However, my decidedly UNsalted caramel mocha frappe was yummy enough, but could have been made much better at home I think. We shall spare further detail, but suffice it to say that our "Reasons to go to Sweetbay instead of Starbucks" list got a lot longer :) Ended out the day watching BOLT with the fam over psychology homework. I am so thankful to have a sharp n smart honeyman to explain textbooks in english for me! He even drew me up some little illustrative doodles (now ur speaking muh language buddy boy! :P)!
This is him btw. Mhm :D

Moving past this day: I completed the James Challenge from wonderful church camp (I think, though I didn't keep very good track of what week was which). Love the book of James! Here's a lil snippet for thought: "Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need" James 4:16. Mmmmm-mmm!

How's school for people? My school is quite busy busy and pretty challenging, but fun. Life's most surely different being IN the graphic design program...we're not a freshman anymore! It feels funny to peek into the freshman class and see their sceered looks and not actually be feeling it anymore. More and more competition every day, though I am qu

ite friendly with and very much enjoy my Graphic Design classmates (like all the same 12 people :P).
Currently praying for my favorite teacher, who no longer works for UAFS and is quite gone away. I took a class from him both semesters of my freshman year and his quirky unexpectedness was the only certain thing on campus that year. No professor yet has ever seen so much in me that I didn't know I had, and believed in me and my work to where he'd bet his life on it. The analogy I think of is teaching someone to use a sword, then putting an apple on your head and fully trusting your student to thwack it (the apple, not your head) clean off with a razor sharp blade. He praised the work in just the right way, was always super laid back, and (when he had to) tore me down with my own talent. I miss him and he could stand some prayers as a human being even though I'm not for sure what's going on.

A few other things:
  • I worked and consigned at the growing kids sale! So much fun and my earnings came back ok :)
  • SAVERs 50% day that happened recently was healthy for my wardrobe! Then my sweet mumsy bought me more cool garage sale findings as a surprise...Aeropastale! My favorite! <3
  • I have a really cute Zeke. Have you a really cute Zeke? You should.
  • I am a thankful and contented lil girly! I mean, read my post, ain't you jealous of me? ;)
  • Recent quote by mom, who found Caesar at our door one night: "Look what I found, it's a Marc in the dark. We will take him home. We will call him Clark." To those of you who do not recognize this as an amazing Dr. Seuss quote, I apologize but you're just not cool. These are the jokes people.
I can think of naught else to say, so I am off to fool around with my blog template...maybe :)

Summer's almost done?

School is about to start back up! Tell you what people, I have been SOOOOOO blessed this Summer! I've been thinking of some things that have been happy for me that I'm thankful for this season. Let's see...

New Macbook Pro!!! Well...maybe...

This chick lost her first tooth! She got to go to Braums with the tooth fairy ;)

I get to be in an art show at school! With this thing.

We got to clown a lot.

VBS! Two of them to be exact. "Rock of ages...your word is always true..."

We got to go to Branson and hang with our CO homies and play at Silver Dollar City! That was def a blast. This pic is some handsome boys at Pizza Hut up there :)

My mom and dad both had birthdays AND an anniversary this Summer!

I fell a lot more in love with this handsome fella. I know, I do that every day, but... :)

This guy made it into the nursing program at school! Proud sister? Why yes I think so.

I got to witness two of my most beautiful friends get married to awesome guys! Happy happy joy joy!

Aren't they so pretty?

And as for now, I'm gonna go thank God for the Scholarship I got and the dress I need to go buy and Summit church camp that I'm gonna go as councilor. And I'm gonna pray for my sissy and her trip to EA. Miss that girl like the dickens!!!

Happy rest of the Summer everyone!

"Because Your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise You. So I will bless You as long as I live; in Your name I will lift up my hands."

~ Psalm 63:3-4

Happy first day of SUMMER!

What is Summer for you?

For me, Summer is...

1. Crafting!

Anybody else that agrees should check out this great giveaway! I want one of these things!!!

Painted this family crest for Papa R's father's day present. Amateur, but he loved it and my sweet guy says I should go into business :) He makes me smile.

2. Cooking!

Made these for memorial day! Yellow cupcakes cut in half with a brownie in the middle. Throw some white and yellow frosting inside for mustard and mayonnaise, coat the tops lightly with sugar water and sprinkle crushed oats on the tops. So funny and SO YUMMY!

3. Siblings!

So much fun to watch swimming, get snowcones, play bionicles, or in this case go to best buy at test some Bose headphones :) All that fun stuff I can't do very much while I'm in school!

4. VBS!

We already had one VBS at Immanuel Baptist Church and it was a BLAST! I did music. Love these kiddies!!! I'm trying to post a video, but blogger is technical difficulty-ing me...ARG! One more VBS to go, at Fellowship Bible Church! Bring your kids, it will be a blast!

5. Man time!

Having spare time to spend with my Ethan is an awesome Summer thing! We like to go shopping, and walking, and cooking, and writing, and sword training, and talking, and eating, and date nights, and the list goes on!

So that's a taste of Summer for me. Anybody care to post on Summer for you? I'd love to see!

Trashion Fashion

When you go to...

This school


this room


this guy as a teacher, then youre bound to make stuff like...


and this

and even some of that.

But now...

(wait for it...........)

Something bizzare is in the works with the 3D design students.

Stuff like...


and this


Confused? You should be.

Ladies and gentlemen...

Prepare for the show of sheer amazingness at 2nd Street Live.

Trashion Fashion.

Check back for further updates.


Me today...

Feeling...physically not great, but will be better tomorrow.

Praying...for my little Jbaby who has surgery tomorrow to get his tonsils and adenoids outta there.

Praying too...for my Geneva.

Praying also...for my mom.

Task just completed: chocolate chip cookies that were supposed to be raisin and now confuse me.

Task about to be done: Bible time!

Task not done (on purpose): English homework! BECAUSE I DID NOT HAVE TO!!!!!!!!!! :D

Thinking about...calling my BUD.

Thankful for...art in the universe.

Thinking also about...Valentine's Day.

Wishing that...my BUD did not hafta work on said Valentine's Day.

Reading...Hyperbole and a Half :D

Looking at...Pics from my big sissy.

Dreading...Art History test because I have no clue what to expect.

Happy because...school was out today and will be tomorrow also.

Sadder because...I miss my BUD.


Gonna buy...the new RED album, a present for my Jbaby, Glycerin and essential oils.
And also Fancy the half clown.
The end! :)

My Favorite Day of the Week!

Ah, how I love Sunday! Saturdays are fun, but Sunday is just the best. The LORD likes it too :)
We start the day getting up and getting dressed for church. I like this because I actually enjoy the church clothes I own this summer. Lots of colors to mix and match. We load up the instruments and head to Fellowship Bible Church for worship practice. Everyone soon starts showing up and there is an always excellent service. We head home for lunch with our R boys and spend the rest of the day just hanging out. Maybe playing frisbee golf, maybe watching sports, maybe writing a book, just resting and relaxing and thinking. Then around 5ish, our R parents swing by and grab Lane and I to go to First Baptist Church for the evening service. Always a wonderful service, with a great message. Bro. Dale is such an amazing teacher. When that's done we all head over to Marketplace for our "Sunday night date" :) This is also the time when Mom and Dad are having their Sunday night date at home. This is always a great time, especially when the admirable employee Typo L comes to be our server! We yammer and eat and generally have a lovely time... how about some pics?

Me and my Honey

The Lane and Caesar side of the table

Pretty laugh

A smile and a chicken...thing.


And now, ladies and gents, shower I must. We did the Legs and Back program on P90X with Ab Ripper X. PAIN AND SWEAT!
Farethewell! Comment! Do not grow weary in doing good! Have an excellent Monday!

Jumpin Jinglefeathers

Hello all :D

How's life? Figured I'd tell how mine was. In short, very happy :) In long, wellllllllllll ummmmmmm...

 I'm getting ready to graduate! :D Yepyepyep! It will be fun to see what all God has for me after high school. I love being pretty much done with it, it makes for a nice, laid-back schedule. I can skip a day of school to go nannying or to play with my Wingys and not feel awful like I need to catch up with school, cuz it's pretty much already done! :) Nice.

We got new tile in the dining room. Looks nice. I'm just happy it's done, cuz my "negative energy" as Caesar Milan calls it, goes through the roof during home rennovation stuff :P

We had our Jr/Sr Formal! It was sooooooo fun, I got to dress up! Look at my fb for pics :)

We tried out TKD last Tuesday....REALLY FUN!!!!!! :D Next time I'll be more over the first-time fear factor and will be able to enjoy it even more :)

We went playing with the Wingys today...airsofted. WAY awesome. I love my gun. And my sibs. And my Wingys. And my Jesus. Just sayin.

All the greenery is emerging! We're getting the spring clothes out (yes, tis a wreck) and I dare to think that it will not snow again! :D I look fat in shorts, but oh well--I can wear skirts. But I love the warmer (emphasis on the ER) weather and when flowers start peeking out again. I love flowers. This weather makes me stand outside and laugh out loud for no reason--that's why the neighbors think we're crazy I'm sure. But I wish the wasps would stay out of my spring, and soon it will be HORRIBLE hot. But oh well, I'm having what fun I can :) God is so creative with Earth isn't He? It just makes me excited and happy.

And does anyone else besides me think it's cool that your saliva glands produce 6 cups of spit per day? I mean, who besides a Mighty Creator could think up a thing THAT cool? Tell me if you ever think of anything, cuz I sure can't :)

Writing Stuff

Welp, now I am a writing teacher! Sorta. I'm teaching a co-op class off the book REACH FOR THE STARS Writing Workshop by the fabulous Susan Marlow (and featuring me :D). I've got 6 fun-lovin boys and a few with some real talent from what I can see from the two weeks I've been doing this. Real fun. I think we're gonna talk about showing-not-telling this week. Always a fun lesson.

AND going down to my younger grade tutoring. The elementary class with the boys was fun today. They've been doing well with their adjectives, so we decided to put them to work today writing a story about a secret agent that sneaks into Wal-Mart and removes a bomb and saves all the people (while listening to intense music of course!). The got SOOOO into it. Each boy had a different storyline...

By Jdude...
"Shisoh was in Wal Mart. He was looking for the missing bomb. He went to the first isle. Guards were setting the bomb. It was set, and the guards went away. Shisoh ran to it. He grabbed it and went out of the store. But he blew up." Oh sadness...the poor distressed author started to cry in the middle of class over the death of his heroic character. He sure has the writer's brain. He'll be amazing one day...I've said so ever since he was less than a year old, arranging magnetic letters on the fridge into fun, Sci-Fi names.

By Jess...
"Casban snuk into the store and went to the isle. It was the way to the bomb. He ran to the door and smashed the door open and found the bomb. He ran to it. The time was almost gone. 20 seconds. He ran out of the building and threw the bomb. It blew up. When the bomb blew up he ran to the store and all the people was safe." Good description huh? And this babe is a genius with his sentence structure already! :D

By Mayf (with some interpretation and help)...
"A dog was named Charlie. He ran into Wal-Mart. The bomb was in the corner of the store. He grabbed it in his mouth and set it down somewhere far. Then he went in to check if all the people were ok. The end." He loves the name Charlie :)

Sweeeeet huh? :D I'm proud of all my writing boys. Oh wait I have a girl too! In the junior-high division. She just did me a literary analytical essay on THE LAST BATTLE by C.S. Lewis. I purple-penned it over just a minute ago. She really put some good thought into it! Course it needs a little structure work, but the content is really good, I'm impressed!

But oh, a tragedy. My purple pen is running out of juice! I'm a fun pen kind of chick, and I had one of those big huge, stick-o'-dynamite looking ones that I used for EVERYTHING. Twas a purple-blue ink which made it good for editing. I like black better when I write for my own purposes, but this one was good and VERY used. Then Lukey the Penbreaker took it apart when I wasn't looking and I'm sure this put my pen into a state of trauma, for a couple days later it quit working. For three days I scribbled through sheets of paper, watching for a splash of blue. I shook, licked, blew...but to no avail. And I haven't found another big one since. I decided to move on with my life and find another pen somehow. I dug through the junk drawer and tried pen after pen, but those kind you buy in bulk rarely work to my satisfaction. Then a friend (not knowing my plight) sent me a cute purple pen. It wrote pretty...not fast enough for rapid brainstorming, but perfect for editing people's work. I dubbed it my editing only pen, and called it....The Purple Pen. Then my Gram gave me a pen for Christmas that looks like a candy-cane. I checked the color and consistency on my hand right off the bat and the ink was black! And it flowed wonderfully without globbing or quitting! Perfect! The Candy Cane is my Thinking Pen. I use it for school and to brainstorm and to take to class. It tends to fascinate people. I also have this New Year's Resolution to use up all my blank notecards by sending them to folks, and a found a couple of black pens that look boring, but they are of different consistencies and they each work well on a certain kind of paper. The Black Twins are my letter writers. How did I get off on this boring story? Yall don't even care, just me! :P Why do I write these things...oh well. All that to say, THE PURPLE PEN IS GOING OUT!!!!!!!!! I need a new one. One with a color besides blue or red and thick ink. I suppose The Purple Pen deserves to rest in peace...I've edited a whole Ethanator novel, many childrenses school papers, chapters in creative writing class...much has the mark of the signature Purple Pen.
The search begins.

Back to the blogoshere? Maybe?

Oh yes indeed - for now. At the pressure of many friends I am posting. But I'm not appeasing them entirely - I'm not posting on HSB hahahahaha! The Meggy impossible streak strikes again!! Just to catch you all up with what's up with me... I post again.

First matter of interest - We are moving back to Arkanesia. I don't truly want to, as I'd tragically miss my most amazing church family that has really been a family, my dear friend Cherry and everyone in our hs group, fencing my heart out, and numerous other things. But there are some things I'm excited about moving back for too, so we shall stop talking about this. It is an unpleasant subject.

If you want to keep up with me, get Facebook. Don't say you don't have time if you are a blogger. You just type a status, give your friends' statuses (stati... statusss...?) a quick once over ON THE SAME PAGE and get off! And keeping in touch with people is soooooooo easy! It's an amazing thing even my mom is on!

Church potluck today was awesome! I love AHBC and will miss it like the dickens. Though things are coming together that make me feel better about leaving. I was playing keyboard for the services and dearsweetdarling Nikki stepped up and said she'd take over for me! Dad was leading Saturday night service and awesometalentedmusicallyinclined Clayton stepped up and took it over without a glitch! I had been teaching funnyhelpfulstinker Andrew drums and he got good enough to play for service and I was loving it. But then the drums were going. But just as Dad was going to give them up, a box of brand new drums for the worship team showed up and surprised everyone! I tell you what - GOD IS AWESOME!!!!!! Like my mom said - "if God wants drums in the service, He'll send them". I believed it - just didn't figure He'd send them before I left :) Speaking of wonderfulawesomesweet church family, here they are now!
Jen, Pam, and me
Me and Megan
Me, Uncle Melly, and a bottle of tea (I'm ducking backwards way low heehee!)

The 4th was fun! Had cuzins over for burgers and hot dogs, went to service and played for the last time :(, and then we all went to Shelley's for cake and fireworks! The real fireworks were delayed too late for us, but we still saw a lot of good ones :)

So there. This is my post. I hope everybody is quite happy with it, was it worth all the hype lol? Maybe I'll post again soon... maybe :P