Decided to post a Christmas post with a shout out to my non-facebooking buddies Toria and Leesie :) They never get any cool pictures because I am a jolly rotten emailer and I never post on here. This post may be a little boring to the 239,245,8
57 rest of you who've all seen these pics on fb, but I don't care about y'all. Ok, I do. All right here come the pics, forgive the quality, they're all from my phone........

Egg nog night with fam, egg nog, chex mix and Kung Fu Panda 2! And a cuddly picture.

Did a little SAVERS Christmas shopping. There's No L. Yeah, No L? Noel?

We found a hugeginormous chocolate santa.

Our Christmas tree!
And the gingerbread house contest!

Bird's house won the "Most Like a Bloody Massacre" award. Or "Best Pile of Lava". Take your pick.
Lou's won overall! The frosting snowman did it.

Zekers won "Best Little Gumdrop Hangy-down Thingy" or something. He was pretty stoked about it though.
Mayf's won "Most Robotic". Don't you agree?

Mine won "Most Delicious Looking", but I think all that red icing just looks nasty.

Floofy hair

And a first attempt at candy cane nails.

The chillens did a wonderful singing job at the Immanuel Christmas play, so let's see if I can get this vid to upload. Maybe. We'll see what happens.

And now the actual Christmas :) Didn't get many pics of the day, but here's an idea...

Pink laptop keys cover thingy! Fun present! Looks so awesome! Problem is the silicone gets stuck up under my spacebar and I can't hit it. So I just took it off. Still figuring out what to do there...any ideas?

Formal blowdarting with Caesar. Made him this tee with what once was a black fabric sharpie from Nana. Now it writes about as well as the wrong end of a candle. But the shirt turned out better than I thought.

Looking at all the stuff!!

LOOK at this stocking!!!!!! It's from my Efum, made by Lou. Apparently they schemed and schemed about how to make it for a long time and I LOVE IT!!!!! It completely made the day.

Me and Hun on Christmas night.

A couple of Christmas Quotes:
Dad (reading a Christmas picture book): "And the cows and sheep in the stable also bowed their heads with the wise men--wait, REALLY? That's not Biblical! What are we reading????"

Bird: "Zekey, let me teach you the secret handshake!"
Zekey: "Not right now. I'm busy working on the secret elbow strike."

And here's a story of what happened to me today, the day after Christmas. I woke up and it hit me like a lightning bolt that I had not heard one of my favorite Christmas songs come on the radio AT ALL this season. HEARTBREAK!!! I communicated my woe to some family members, who all said, "YouTube it, you can still listen to it, it's not too late", but it sorta WAS. Having special Christmas songs come on the radio of their own accord for the Holidays is one of the many irreplaceable sensations of the Season. So I sucked it up and went about life until tonight at 9:24, when almost home from a movie time at Honey's, lo, IT CAME ON AIR 1!!!!! Made my day!!!! By the way isn't that such a great word, "lo"? I think we should bring it back into this day and age. Like "I tried to X out of iTunes but lo, it took like 7 minutes". So doable. Anyway in the end, I even got to listen to my song. It's the little things that let you know God has your best interest at heart. This is the stuff that makes my heart just that little bit thankfuller. Oh, you want to listen to it too you say? Here ya go. Having someone else Youtube it for you is almost like it coming on of it's own accord...

Corny? I guess yes. Do I care. Nope.

Well, this is the end of my Christmas picture post. Hope you now feel oh so updated. Now I am off to read the Word of the Birthday Savior, then maybe one of the gems that came out of that stocking, then fall asleep looking forward to Valentine's day! :D

Some "I"s

Inspired by my dear Bekah I am now posting a quick post of "I"s.

I am...
Excited about my client meeting in digital illustration tomorrow.
Thankful for my newfound Pintrest, even if the server (or something) is very bad.
Looking forward to Thanksgiving break!

I want...
to try this sock hair curly thing I saw on Pintrest. If it works I will WAY be stoked.

I pray...
for my family
for my Man who's seeking Him
for the rest of this semester

I think...
That having random items for making various holiday goodies is ABSOLUTELY FANTABULOUS!!!!!!

I need...
To shower and catch up on psych
To get started with Christ
mas idears
And to update my iPhone

I made...
Pumpkin spice muffins tonight

I read...
Barely ever these days.

I have...
a New Year's resolution in mind already to regain my senior high school expertise at sending things via real mail.

And also I am...
wearing pigtails for the first time ever since I was 2 in this pic. Crazy man!

Summer's almost done?

School is about to start back up! Tell you what people, I have been SOOOOOO blessed this Summer! I've been thinking of some things that have been happy for me that I'm thankful for this season. Let's see...

New Macbook Pro!!! Well...maybe...

This chick lost her first tooth! She got to go to Braums with the tooth fairy ;)

I get to be in an art show at school! With this thing.

We got to clown a lot.

VBS! Two of them to be exact. "Rock of ages...your word is always true..."

We got to go to Branson and hang with our CO homies and play at Silver Dollar City! That was def a blast. This pic is some handsome boys at Pizza Hut up there :)

My mom and dad both had birthdays AND an anniversary this Summer!

I fell a lot more in love with this handsome fella. I know, I do that every day, but... :)

This guy made it into the nursing program at school! Proud sister? Why yes I think so.

I got to witness two of my most beautiful friends get married to awesome guys! Happy happy joy joy!

Aren't they so pretty?

And as for now, I'm gonna go thank God for the Scholarship I got and the dress I need to go buy and Summit church camp that I'm gonna go as councilor. And I'm gonna pray for my sissy and her trip to EA. Miss that girl like the dickens!!!

Happy rest of the Summer everyone!

"Because Your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise You. So I will bless You as long as I live; in Your name I will lift up my hands."

~ Psalm 63:3-4

The Evolution of Meg's Macbook

Once upon a time on a day much like today, Meg awaited her little bundle of joy in an excited fashion. Finally it came at about 3 0'clock in the afternoon, in a state such as this:

Meg was delighted, as this was the expected appearance of her little dear in its early state of life. With a little assistance, the box transformed into this:

Meg pressed the power button located on the Macbook Pro's front side and prepared to enjoy the final stage of her Macbook's life cycle...or so she thought.

3 minutes later:




The poor mutilated creature shriveled up into it's original cardboard cocoon to get sent off for burial back to the company while Meg awaited a new bundle of joy.

The End.

Part II

Evolution of Meg

Early today:


Happy first day of SUMMER!

What is Summer for you?

For me, Summer is...

1. Crafting!

Anybody else that agrees should check out this great giveaway! I want one of these things!!!

Painted this family crest for Papa R's father's day present. Amateur, but he loved it and my sweet guy says I should go into business :) He makes me smile.

2. Cooking!

Made these for memorial day! Yellow cupcakes cut in half with a brownie in the middle. Throw some white and yellow frosting inside for mustard and mayonnaise, coat the tops lightly with sugar water and sprinkle crushed oats on the tops. So funny and SO YUMMY!

3. Siblings!

So much fun to watch swimming, get snowcones, play bionicles, or in this case go to best buy at test some Bose headphones :) All that fun stuff I can't do very much while I'm in school!

4. VBS!

We already had one VBS at Immanuel Baptist Church and it was a BLAST! I did music. Love these kiddies!!! I'm trying to post a video, but blogger is technical difficulty-ing me...ARG! One more VBS to go, at Fellowship Bible Church! Bring your kids, it will be a blast!

5. Man time!

Having spare time to spend with my Ethan is an awesome Summer thing! We like to go shopping, and walking, and cooking, and writing, and sword training, and talking, and eating, and date nights, and the list goes on!

So that's a taste of Summer for me. Anybody care to post on Summer for you? I'd love to see!

Never have I wanted to keep a child more.

This is me and my 'Niva. She's one of my AWANA kiddies. I can kind of call them all mine, since I've taught/helped in all their classes (cept Shawn, but I had him in VBS, so). But this one is WAAAAAAY mine! She is such a cutie cuddlebug! About Birdie's age and always ready to do what's next. One thing I love about her is that she's VERY observant--when someone drops a book, she runs from wherever she is to go pick it up. Once when the little guy spilled milk and I was cleaning it up she came from another table with some paper towels! She's the sweetest thing ever and I wish I could take her to live with me someday :)

My Favorite Day of the Week!

Ah, how I love Sunday! Saturdays are fun, but Sunday is just the best. The LORD likes it too :)
We start the day getting up and getting dressed for church. I like this because I actually enjoy the church clothes I own this summer. Lots of colors to mix and match. We load up the instruments and head to Fellowship Bible Church for worship practice. Everyone soon starts showing up and there is an always excellent service. We head home for lunch with our R boys and spend the rest of the day just hanging out. Maybe playing frisbee golf, maybe watching sports, maybe writing a book, just resting and relaxing and thinking. Then around 5ish, our R parents swing by and grab Lane and I to go to First Baptist Church for the evening service. Always a wonderful service, with a great message. Bro. Dale is such an amazing teacher. When that's done we all head over to Marketplace for our "Sunday night date" :) This is also the time when Mom and Dad are having their Sunday night date at home. This is always a great time, especially when the admirable employee Typo L comes to be our server! We yammer and eat and generally have a lovely time... how about some pics?

Me and my Honey

The Lane and Caesar side of the table

Pretty laugh

A smile and a chicken...thing.


And now, ladies and gents, shower I must. We did the Legs and Back program on P90X with Ab Ripper X. PAIN AND SWEAT!
Farethewell! Comment! Do not grow weary in doing good! Have an excellent Monday!