Blessed be the Name of the LORD

Everybody please pray for Toria and her family. God took their baby to heaven with him. I'm praying for you girl, and I know how you feel. Can't wait to meet these babies in heaven!

Lovely traces
I can sense you in everything
The way that you move me
Takes me far away
I seek no escape
I’m dreaming through your eyes
I am wandering through your mind
I’m overtaken by the way that you deliver me
I’m transcended
There’s no place I’d rather be
Than here in heaven
Without you I’m incomplete
It’s hopeless
You consume me, you consume me
Like a burning flame running through my veins
You consume me
moving through me
Anytime, anyplace you invade my space
You consume me, you consume me
Wholly devoted
I immerse myself in you
Baptize me in your love
Cause drowning in the thought of you
Floods my soul
I’m taken by the things you do
God, you know
It doesn’t matter what I lose
I’m yours
You consume me, you consume me
Like a burning flame running through my veins
You consume me
moving through me
Anytime, anyplace you invade my space
You consume me, you consume me
I am in your hands
Under your command
Like a puppet on a string
I am willing to
Put my faith in you
So before the world I sing
You consume me, you consume me
Burning flame, through my veins
You consume me moving through me
Anytime, anyplace you invade my space
You consume me
I am consumed, I’m consumed with you
There’s no other way I can fly
It’s you and I, you and I
There’s no other way I can fly
It’s you and I, you and I


It turns out that Mom did have a miscarriage. But God is still good - all the time.
Thank you everybody for praying for us!!! I've decided that I have the best set of friends since Jonathan and Samwise Gamgee.
We'll miss you, little baby. See you someday!
Song of Praise in a Song of Praise

Right here in this moment take my heart, take my soul.
I surrender everything to your control.
And let all that is within me
Lift up to you and say,
"I am Yours and Yours alone completely".
And I'm on fire when You're near me.
I'm on fire when You speak.
I'm on fire burning at these mysteries.
Be my light in this darkened room.
I'm on my face and I'm calling You.
I can's fathom all You've done for me.
Every time it finds me on my knees
Like sunlight in the winter cold.
Everything about You
It takes my breath away
Why in the world did you come after me?
Thank you, thank you.
Words aren't enough, but for now I can say
Thank you, thank you.
You consume me, you consume me
Like a burning flame running through my veins
You consume me moving through me
Anytime, anyplace you invade my space
You consume me.
Wholly devoted I immerse myself in you
Baptize me in your love
Cause drowning in the thought of you
Floods my soul
I’m taken by the things you do.
God, you know it doesn’t matter what I lose
I’m yours
I'm here again
a thousand miles away from you
A broken mess,
just scattered pieces of who I am
I tried so hard,
thought I could do this on my own
I've lost so much along the way.
It must be different through your eyes,
because You look at me
like it's the first time
You've ever seen my face
And all I see, it could never make me happy
And all my sandcastles spend their time collapsing.
Let me know that You hear me.
Let me know Your touch.
Let me know that You love me
and let that be enough.
I was made to love You,
I was made to find You.
I was made just for You,
made to adore You.
You were here before me.
You were waiting on me,
and You said You'd keep me,
never would you leave me
I was made to love and be loved by You
I know that I'll never be alone
You will never let me go
You are my anchor
hold my hand while I'm sinking in the sand
no one else could understand
You are my anchor
Then I'll see your face
I know I'm finally yours
I find everything
I thought I lost before
You call my name
I come to you in pieces
So you can make me whole

Pray Pray Pray

It is said that my mom is having a miscarriage. She goes back to the doctor on Saturday I think when we'll know everything. There is a slight chance that everything is ok. Mom told us a few minutes ago and Jess said, "You mean our baby never got to grow up?" God, please let this baby get to grow up.
This morning I posted about my Bible reading on my blog. I posted about Elijah and the dead widow's son that was brought back to life. I posted about trusting God with everything, even the little things. And now I get to try to live out the same things that God showed me seven hours ago. It doesn't sound like things are going to work out how we want it, but the LORD's arm is not short that he cannot save, and he knows what we need.


VERSE OF THE DAY: Surround me with your tender mercies so I may live, for your instructions are my delight. Psalm 119:77
On the National Day of Prayer, Dad took us gals to see.... *drumroll.... crash cymbal!* LINCOLN BREWSTER!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't know who that is, you may wanna fix that and get this album! He sang a couple great songs, then we all prayed for a couple of the "7 points of illumination" which were... the government, business, the media, the church, education, the military, and the family. Then he played a couple more songs, then we prayed some more, and so on. About 100 (that's one hundred) people prayed to accept Christ that night. It was amazing, worshipful, and a fun time!!!!
I got a good seat right beside the stage on top of the amp. Bouncy and fun with a great view till I got in trouble!:P Before the concert started, the band members were just walking around and Dad said, "Hey, that guy plays the bass guitar in the band!" That guy heard and said, "Hi guys!":D Lincoln Brewster was all spiky-haired, good voiced awesome. The drummer just graduated high school last year and was drumming amazingly!!!!!! The keyboard guy could play with one hand and jump up to where his feet were over that hand. I was watching him rock at one point and he looked straight at me. I gave him a good whoop-n-cheer and he gave me a little nod and kept on rockin. It was WAAAY fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God's plans are perfect - but sometimes they really get me confuzlled.

Yesterday in the GINORMOUS storms of AR, two trees fell on Lady's family's house and wrecked it all up. Please pray very hard for them. Here's the link to the news video. Skip ahead to the the 16th minute past all the smashed windows on the cars. Tell your friends to pray for them too. Mom told me some of their stuff got covered in plastic and saved, but they don't have a house. It stinks to be TV stars for a bad reason. And moving really hurts, no matter where you're moving. We love you Lady Boo!!!!!!!! Hope to talk to you soon!!!!!!!!!! Pray everybody - this smells worse than a skunk smoking a cigarette.

2 good things

VERSE OF THE DAY: He gave his life to purchase freedom for everyone. This is the message God gave to the world at just the right time. 1 Timothy 2:6

#1 best: A few days ago, I received a birthday box from my awesome gorgeous Arkansas friends!!!!!! Thank you yall wonderful sweet girlfriends!!!!!! I loved ALL the stuff and all the cards and all the notes and everything!!!!!!!!!! It is doubly great to know I am still thought about in the magical land I fled by the prettiest girls in it!!!!!!!!! So the title of this post should really be, "4 good things" but oh well. I am coming to see yall soon and I'll give you all the biggest squeeze ever!!!!! I love yall and miss yall bunches and muches and all other expressions that have the general or somewhat relative meaning of the phrase: "A LOT".

PS - While speaking to all Your Coolnesses, if yall could pray about the productiveness and controlledness of my Bible study, It would very much appreciated. I haven't been as "on the ball" with it, per se. Thanks!<3
#2 best: It's not THE BEST, but it is a "good thing" so I shall say: Eli Manning (aka: BOY) is going to the SUPERBOWL!!!!!!!!!!!! Deathly sad for the Packers. Shed three tears for Favre. Wanted them to win somethin awful. But I just can't manage to be MAD at Eli!!!!!!!! I've never wanted the Giants to lose before, and it's good to have another Manning in the Big Bowl, especially as this one almost lost his job earlier this season. It was below zero out there, seriously, and like a teen QB vs. a 40s QB. Good ol' Favre. I hope he doesn't leave us now. But I must say I am happy, very, very happy for the Manning boy. Now the Superbowl will be torment: a long, slow, grinding, defeat that crushes confidence, body, mind, and team under a white, silver, red, and blue cleat. Pain and sorrow for Archie's baby:( I'll hate to see him lose, but it'll be be beauty miraculous if he wins. And for the record, I BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW, little excerpt from the Tagg dinner table tonight: Sticks the 11yearold, at a very slight mention of the subject, says in a 1% clueless, 20% exasperated, 89% "I'm older than I am" voice, "How come women (word said in a contempty attitude) always for no reason start crying?" followed by a graphic (and pretty good) impersonation of Boo-hooing. Dad says, "Son, if you could get the answer to that, you could write a single paragraph "Why women cry for no reason" and charge thirty bucks and every man in America would buy it." LOL

The Fire Fell!!!!!!!!!

VERSE OF THE DAY: (This was actually the Verse of the Day on the Fan the Flame day! What a coincidence!) So we tell others about Christ, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all the wisdom God has given us. We want to present them to God, perfect in their relationship to Christ. Colossians 1:28
Fan the Flame was amazing!!!!!!!!!!! The pastors was wonderful, the band was awesome, and everybody involved did an outstanding job. God really moved in a lot of people including me I believe. Wait till Warrior of the Dawn posts about it and find out how many people got saved. Their great youth pastor Dusty made a great point about when Jesus washed the disciples feet. He said if you have come to Christ, you have already been cleaned. But as we go through life our feet get dirty when we fall away a little or get distracted. So...we need our feet washed!!! I guess I knew that, but last night that certain way he put it really hit home. One of the other pastors, Chris, did a great message on the cross. It's not a pretty picture like on all the necklaces. It's a price that was paid. The Luke, Daniel, and Trevor band was flawless and music says so much to me! I didn't know a lot of the songs, but there wasn't one bad one!!! My class pastor, Teddy did an excellent job on a lesson in sharing your faith with the world. The skit people were great! I saw a lot of friends and don't forget food!:P But at the very end everybody went outside when it was very dark, and Dusty told the story of Elijah when God sent fire to the altar to prove that He was God above Baal. And fire did come down on the altar, but Dusty didn't call it from God:) It was very well done and the whole thing just HIT HOME. I'm so happy I got to go! One of the can't think of the rest of it except for the last little lines that I've been singing ever since I left: " I will follow you. This world has nothing for me. I will follow you." It was all astounding, everything Nan made it out to be, and the Lord loved it very much I know. I love you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fan the Flame was a great reminder of how outstandingly much you love me!