Summer's almost done?

School is about to start back up! Tell you what people, I have been SOOOOOO blessed this Summer! I've been thinking of some things that have been happy for me that I'm thankful for this season. Let's see...

New Macbook Pro!!! Well...maybe...

This chick lost her first tooth! She got to go to Braums with the tooth fairy ;)

I get to be in an art show at school! With this thing.

We got to clown a lot.

VBS! Two of them to be exact. "Rock of ages...your word is always true..."

We got to go to Branson and hang with our CO homies and play at Silver Dollar City! That was def a blast. This pic is some handsome boys at Pizza Hut up there :)

My mom and dad both had birthdays AND an anniversary this Summer!

I fell a lot more in love with this handsome fella. I know, I do that every day, but... :)

This guy made it into the nursing program at school! Proud sister? Why yes I think so.

I got to witness two of my most beautiful friends get married to awesome guys! Happy happy joy joy!

Aren't they so pretty?

And as for now, I'm gonna go thank God for the Scholarship I got and the dress I need to go buy and Summit church camp that I'm gonna go as councilor. And I'm gonna pray for my sissy and her trip to EA. Miss that girl like the dickens!!!

Happy rest of the Summer everyone!

"Because Your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise You. So I will bless You as long as I live; in Your name I will lift up my hands."

~ Psalm 63:3-4

Happy first day of SUMMER!

What is Summer for you?

For me, Summer is...

1. Crafting!

Anybody else that agrees should check out this great giveaway! I want one of these things!!!

Painted this family crest for Papa R's father's day present. Amateur, but he loved it and my sweet guy says I should go into business :) He makes me smile.

2. Cooking!

Made these for memorial day! Yellow cupcakes cut in half with a brownie in the middle. Throw some white and yellow frosting inside for mustard and mayonnaise, coat the tops lightly with sugar water and sprinkle crushed oats on the tops. So funny and SO YUMMY!

3. Siblings!

So much fun to watch swimming, get snowcones, play bionicles, or in this case go to best buy at test some Bose headphones :) All that fun stuff I can't do very much while I'm in school!

4. VBS!

We already had one VBS at Immanuel Baptist Church and it was a BLAST! I did music. Love these kiddies!!! I'm trying to post a video, but blogger is technical difficulty-ing me...ARG! One more VBS to go, at Fellowship Bible Church! Bring your kids, it will be a blast!

5. Man time!

Having spare time to spend with my Ethan is an awesome Summer thing! We like to go shopping, and walking, and cooking, and writing, and sword training, and talking, and eating, and date nights, and the list goes on!

So that's a taste of Summer for me. Anybody care to post on Summer for you? I'd love to see!

Happy Birthday Bird!!!!!!

Can yall believe the Bird is gonna be 4???? That means not a baby anymore! It's funny, because it seems like she was just this....
And now she is a little more like this!

She's still kind of the same though...I remember very well when she was about...I guess 3 months old I was holding her and Dad was doing something goofy and she looked at me and rolled her eyes!!!! :P It was great. I should prolly mention some things about her, as it IS the babyhood graduation....

  • She responds amazingly to physical touch. It's her little love language. And if she's trying to sleep and you go hold her hand or snuggle she will be out within 5 minutes :)
  • She is a lot like me on her annoying side. She tells it like it is (or is not) and has little emotional spells. She's pretty possessive, but I think that will graduate to "protective" as she gets a little older :)
  • She's hard to buy for. She doesn't play with dollies like Lane and I used to. She likes to carry "That One" around and have baby doll things, but they just aren't ALL THAT like they were to us early Tagg girls.
  • She likes pretty much all food, but she only picks around at it for two days straight, then eats a crazy amount on the third day, repeat :)
  • She was determined to have "Kitty-Cat cupcakes" (the hello kitty ones at Sams) for her birthday.
  • She loves to have braids in her hair
  • She likes to talk. A lot.
  • She is really smart. I'm hoping she'll write one day!
  • She can look cute and sweet eve while she's throwing a fit
  • She likes painted toes and her makeup set :)

Whoa! It's a DOUBLE blog party!

This shall make history, ladies and gentlemen! I'm glad you all could come to this momentous occaision! Now, without further ado...

Happy Birthday Lane!!! Lane is now 15! So Lane, believe it or not, this is what happened on your birthday three days ago. You went out to check the mail, and the owner of the zoo is running toward you. He says, "Are you Lane T?" You're a little freaked out, but he quickly says, "The zoo is in desperate need of your services! Most of our zookeepers have chicken pox and the others are on vacation and we can't bring them back cuz their wives just had babies!" (That was somewhat of an inside joke to all you curious onlookers:P) So you gasp and go to the zoo in the zoo guy's limousine!
Whoooooa! I want one! But anyway, now you're there at the zoo. You find yourself in one of those weird brown uniformish getups, then are shown the animal feed. You are a little nervous about walking in there at first, but since the lion and the more dangerous animals mostly look like this:

you don't have a problem. You feed all the animals, but you have a LOT of fun when you put on a rubber suit and join the sea lions!!! You THINK you're having the most fun ever, but when the zookeeper thanks you for all your work and gives you the baby sea lion to keep, you go a little nuts.

His name is Martin! You take him home and show everybody, but it turns out that he is not your biggest surprise. You look in the backyard and find that the boys have filled the trampoline up to the top of the netting in Red Flavored Fluffy Puff Translucent Dessert Related Substance! You jump in and have all sorts of fun, then hose off and come in for presents. Wait, AAAAAAA! Halt! Erak! What are you doing here? How'd you get in this blog party? Get out! Now!

Shiverys. Anyway, let's get to it. You get...

And no, it's not two inches long. And one more...

Gandalf comes and gives you his staff to use for one day as a birthday surprise! You turn several of your brothers into unnatural things and give the dog the toes of a dragon before you finally get the darn thing figured out. But soon you're flying around and make us a nice cookfire on the... kitchen floor. We are all very relieved when Gandalf comes to take it back. AND GUESS WHAT HE DOES WHILE HE'S HERE???

BIG FIREWORKS!!!!!!!!!! Huzzah!!!!! We have a lot of fun until the cops show up and give us a ticket. Oh well, it was still awesome:P

Now to the NEXT blog party!!!! J-dude is 8!!!!!!!!!!! Happy birthday Bah-bah!!!!!! For your blog party, you wake up and find...

A zillion awesome airsoft guns on your bed!!! You take them outside and shoot a bunch of people and rabbits and the like, until...

A member of the 501st rushes up to you and salutes. "We need your help sir!" He says. "The droids are too many! We need a Jedi!"
You smile and say "No problem!" You pull off your top layer of clothes...

And you are Jedi Joshua!!! You force run to the scene, where the droids are killing the clones. You turn all the droids into scrap metal!!! Yoda hears of your great deeds, and puts you on the Jedi council! All that action made you hungry, so you go home and eat...

375,497 pieces of pizza!!!

Present time!!! I give you a big box of robot parts and you build this robot!!!

He is called Bday8!!! Mom and Dad give you...

A bunch of old coins worth a lot of money!!! Oh wait, there's someone at the door!

Hi Ronaldo!!! He says happy birthday to you and shows you some new awesome soccer moves so you can smoke everybody! Hooray! Those kids don't stand a chance!

Welp, that's it! I hope you both had lovely blog parties! Lots of love!

Aw... I shoulda brought a bomb.

Thought I might post on what's been up real fast...

Two field trips this week! One at National Weather Research Center and one at the Earthquake center. I took yearbook pictures at both, and that was fun! I may post some of them down here soon so everyone can see some of my new people.

Lucy's sick:( So I'm staying far away.

I wrote a fanfic for RANGER'S APPRENTICE for Lane and Lou. Meant to be a few pages, turned out to be over 14,000 words long. But twas quite fun.

My darling Cherry inspired me to write more of my wizard story, but I need some ideas now...

Fencing is AWESOME!!!!!!! Need to work on not getting too excited and losing all technique:P

Took the standardized test for the state. If I don't score about perfect I'll be pretty embarrassed. It was ridiculous easy.

Bird slept through the night in big girl undies! And I was happy...:) She's getting big, and that gets good and bad:P

Buzz the pup has been pretty good.

I was innocently trying to get some eggs, and I set my plate on the stove, and that burner happened to be hot, so when I picked my plate back up... Yeee-ah. My finger's all scabbed up and it itches:Z

Soccer season is back! Funfunfun!

Dad just got an electric guitar and effects pedal!!!!!!!! It is pretty sweet!!!

If you ever see a free V-synth GT keyboard sitting out in front of somebody's yard, get it and bring it to me, because it's $3000 and I want one:0 Shriek!!!!

Um... what else? Ooo! The time changed! Cool-ish.

I have a new idea, read it here.
Just finished babysitting at church after I forgot and then got a call and then scrambled over there super fast feeling like a ditzy jerk.

Haven't talked to my Emy in forever, courtesy of wacky phone plans that have no consideration for the feelings of mile-away friends. Need to really bad now, so maybe this weekend.

And now, ladies and gents, here are some pictures... if I can get it to work... aHa!

Look it's Lyddi!!!! At one point in the field trip we had nothing to do but take pictures in 3D glasses:P That's a little small, huh? Let's go bigger... um... hurry up and load...

Ah, here's Cherry looking scientific!:D

And Sticks lookin cool!!! His quote is the one I used for the title.

Dewey in the glasses havery!!! (that's weird to spell... ya know... have - ery?)

So I'd post more, but it's taking forever and I'm going to bed, so if you want to see more coolity, go here. I think all the cool pics are on page 5.

Peace out and lotsa love!


Blog Party!!!

Lucy is 11!!!!!!! Well, really not until tomorrow, but it may as well be today!!!! So, welcome to your blog party Lucy!!!

Thought we'd spend the day here:

You get to wear this!!!

Gorgeous huh? Well, anyway, what do they have for food around here...

Only the cutest birthday cake known to man!!! Oh gosh, we're gonna be late! We have tickets to a private concert, but it's only...

Tobymac. Yeah, sorry, we couldn't find anything better. When we're done, we find somebody that you know you've seen before, but you just can't place him until a little yellow guy comes waddling up behind him. It is...

Strong Bad and the Cheat!!!!! It's really awesome to finally meet them, but we gotta go. It's like 2 in the morning and we've got to go home and watch our own private viewing of...

Oh yeah!!! Well, now it's about 5 the next day, and... it's not your birthday anymore. Hence, your party has come to an abrupt end.

Welp! Hope you had fun at your Blog Party!!!!!! Hope you have fun for the rest of your REAL birthday!!!! I love you!!!!!!

Another new blogger!!!

Alright guys, you'll be proud of me: I hath gotten for you another boy blogger - STICKS!!! His blog's not QUITE complete yet, but be sure to check it out!!!! He likes comments, so be sure and stop by to welcome him, link to him, and tell him that you LOVE gum!!!!!! And he plans to comment others more often too, so everybody be have!!! Be very have.
Hey, and everybody be sure to check out the video on the bottom of my blog!!! It's really cool.

Don't sweep the top of a skyscraper

Lucy and Lane and Mom and me just got back from SAVERS (the awesomest thrift store in creation) and Lane and Lou got some cute shorts. Lou even found some brand new cute green crocs! As in, real croc brand crocs. I didn't find any clothes :( but I found a book! We stopped at a garage sale and I got a cute necklace. So we're cool this Saturday! I think I need to babysit more:)

Got to play at Cherry Luthien's house Thursday! We had a jolly good time talking a lot and listening to ENYA. We've got a date to watch extended LOTR now!!! Huzzah!!!!!!!!!!

Let's see... finished another school book. Mom's getting me a bunch of stuff for CLEP tests now. OoOoOoOoOoOoOooo....

And interesting news: BRETT FAVRE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But not with the GB PACKERS. He says he thinking on signing with Chicago or Minnesota! I'm pretty happy, I'd rather him play than not play, but I'd like him to stay a Packer. But they won't have him. It'll be weird to see him not in yellow and white and green and number 4 and a big G. Oh well. Welcome back 2-time retired legend!!!!!!! Be wise, make me happy, and sign with Chicago!!!!!!!

Rule number 1: OBEY ALL RULES

Now posting on what's been up with me, myself, and I.

First of all, does anybody know any good baby names? I ask because we shall need a spectacular one around March! Hopefully for a girl. Or two. Yep that's right - the 10th Tagg kid is in the making:P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got to play with Luthien Thursday, and we played swords and listened to music, and had a jolly nice time!!!!!!! Do you believe this: Luthien is a LOTR fan and she has NEVER seen the extended editions!!!!!!!!! How can it be? It is against the law!!:P We plan to remedy the situation presently! Oh, and I have read your excellent chapter doll, and shall e-mail you concerning it soon if I don't get too lazy!:P

Had a wonderful 4th! Aunt M, Uncle S, Mace, Potato, and Miss America came over and we roasted hot dogs and marshmellows. Lane made a jelloish flag cakish! We played wiffle ball: Girls and old guys against just plain guys. We smoked them. Played flag football later and... whoever was on my team with me got sorta beat:P Mace played some drums for THOUSAND FOOT CRUTCH and I did the vocals and guitar solos with the help of a handy spatula. We were amazing. We were in the ZONE:P When it was dark, we went out and whatched fireworks that others were illegally setting off - yes we're great people:P Played a little BATTLEFRONT II with Tate, and it's already over.
Mom's birthday was on the 6th, but I don't think I should say how old she is:P But she got some bread pans, some planners, and..... a PINK iPod Nano!!!!!!!!!!!! She has named it Bella and likes it very much. Hey, maybe I'll throw her a late blog party later!
Today we went to the library. Picked up the SCARLET PIMPERNEL!!! AND while I was in the little bookshop I saw...... THE THRAWN TRILOGY FOR $3!!!!!!!!!!! That's cheaper than you can find those blessed books anywheres! So, what did I do next? Nab them!:)
Reading in the book of Samuel - both. That I think is the most descriptive and exciting book in the Bible! Why has no one novelized it??? I have no idea. Maybe I'll remedy the situation myself soon!
Right now I'm going to take the LOVE COMES SOFTLY movie we just rented and work out on the treadmill. Just had a 3 Musketeers bar, so I must be like, 10 pounds heavier!
God Bless everyone's britches!!!!!!!!!!!:P

J-dude in General

Our usual LOTR fan set is happy to announce the addition of this funny fella!!!!! J-dude watched the TWO TOWERS with us last night, and now he's seen them all. He watched them in the inconvenient and confusing order of 3rd, 1st, then 2nd, and we decided to watch TT when he posed the question, "How do Frodo and Sam end up meeting Gollum?" Felt sorry for him - having Gollum all of a suddenly there and all. At the first sight of Theoden, it was, "Oh yeah, he dies!" Arg. Not fair that he should know that. He's been asking a lot of questions, and he thinks the 3rd is the 1st, and that Shelob was dead when they started out, and yadayadaya of general confuzation. Whose fault was this whole wrong order thing? Now we're gonna watch them CORRECTLY!!!This was his favorite part of TWO TOWERS:

Specifically when Gimli is stuck. Emypie, watch it if you wanna but I wouldn't recommend it!

Fixed Lane's old MP3 up for J-dude today with the LOTR songs he wanted. We listened to them together on my iPod and he picked them out. He gets so excited about the soundtracks!!!!! It's so awesome cuz I used to be the only one that liked them!!! He's been grinning ear to ear and singing the vocalization for "A Knife in the Dark" - his favorite! It was so much fun, we did the Narnia and Star Wars soundtracks too. He loves the battle songs and the Isengard theme!!! So cool. He's happy to have seen all the LOTR and now to have his own MP3 player! Funfunfun!